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Throughout history,

the surest way to gain wealth has been through real estate.

Despite market upturns and downturns, your rental property has been there providing income for you and your family.

Not just anyone has it in them to own rental property. It takes a special someone, which you are. The passion for financial freedom today, future income when you retire, and a legacy for your family are at the core of why you invested in real estate.

That passion is the driving force behind how we, at Atlantic Property Solutions, manage property for our clients.  You should enjoy the rewards of owning rental property and not the stress that comes from managing them.

We are proud

to offer:

5% Property Management fee for the 1st year

$1000 Lease Up - No Re-lease Fee


No contractor markups

No hidden fees

No additional eviction fees – only court and lawyer costs

No obligation - Cancel anytime

You bought rental property to make yourself successful. We agree. Let’s get started on your success.

DIY Property Management

Manage your property with the look and feel a professional property management company.

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